Sw(ou-au-aw-ah-oh)mpe: Dissonant Dessert

Yet again, Dissonant Dessert has created a hallucinogenic hallelujah that I want to listen to over and over again.

One of the most fantastic qualities of Sw(ou-au-aw-ah-oh)mpe has to be the incredible space. The song is constantly undulating between speakers with swooping pans and interplay between dry and wet elements. Everything lives in this room but the room is otherworldly and strange. Sound warps and contorts but somehow makes perfect sense. Close, plosive whispers and mouth sounds wrapping around reverb-saturated vocal leads create a damp, whirring ASMR experience.

An artist that kept coming to mind for me while I listened to Sw(ou-au-aw-ah-oh)mpe was Bjork. Sticky syllabic phrases, sweeping vocal swells, tactile and playful sounds are all present here. It’s beautifully strange and almost insect-like throughout. This is the intersection of art rock and new music. Conservatory virtuosity with street smarts. The interplay of dissonant guitar lines with huge walls of vocal harmonies is both unsettling and relieving.

After reviewing “Pray You Don’t Become A Man” a few years ago (has it really been that long? sheesh.) it’s stunning how much Dissonant Dessert has built their sound. Sw(ou-au-aw-ah-oh)mpe is lush. The twinkling reverse harp sweeps are so simple, yet so jarring. Every listen surfaces new tidbits, and that has to be the best part of this excellent single.

Please listen to Sw(ou-au-aw-ah-oh)mpe, I implore you not only as a music fan and writer, but as a musician.

You can support Dissonant Dessert on Bandcamp here: https://dissonantdessert.bandcamp.com/

On Apple Music here: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/dissonant-dessert/1465797605

And on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7oy4jq0ZpXUUQ4FqehJ7y8



Indigo Hope Finamore is a musician, composer, and producer. They/Them

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Indigo Hope Finamore

Indigo Hope Finamore is a musician, composer, and producer. They/Them